Client Work | Research

Client Work | Research

Diana has advised leaders and studied firms that are revolutionizing the way we compete and changing the way people work, think, and live. Among them:

  • Apple: Just as Apple was taking off, Diana worked with the senior leaders of Apple University to build learning and innovation into the company’s culture.
  • Herman Miller: Diana partnered with Monitor to help Herman Miller’s top team make better strategic decisions faster, so they could adapt to shifting market conditions.

Diana has also helped cutting-edge consulting firms build the ideas and capabilities their clients need to compete in a flatter, fast-paced global reality. Among them:

  • The Monitor Group: Through a long-term partnership with Monitor, Diana first discovered, then put into practice her ideas on how relationships among leaders affect a firm’s ability to compete.
  • Vantage Partners: After collaborating with Diana at the Harvard Negotiation Project in the 1980s, the founders of Vantage integrated Diana’s ideas into their offerings on relationship management.
  • Innovation Associates: When The Fifth Discipline first came out, Peter Senge asked Diana to help his firm build the kind of learning organization envisioned in his book.

In the social sector, Diana works with the leaders of innovative nonprofits that are breaking down entrenched barriers to social mobility, including:

  • Nine-to-Five. Early in her career, Diana helped this all-women labor organization that inspired the film Nine to Five resolve conflicts that were undercutting their new approach to organizing.
  • New Profit Inc. In 1999, Diana began coaching the senior leaders of this groundbreaking venture philanthropy firm on the leadership capabilities needed to launch the firm successfully. In 2010, Diana served as the firm’s Chief Executive Partner, working with the firm’s leadership and staff to transform the culture and build a strong platform for growth. Diana is now a Senior Partner at New Profit focusing on Leadership Transformation within our portfolio.
  • Citizen Schools. Diana developed the top team’s leadership capabilities at this fast-growing, innovative nonprofit that mobilizes citizen teachers to help transform education.

Since her days studying with Chris Argyris and Don Schön at Harvard, Diana has sought to advance our understanding of it what it takes for people and organizations to innovate, learn, and grow.

  • Research Focus. Diana has observed leaders and organizations and studied her own efforts to transform them. By reflecting on both her successes and failures, she has come to understand what makes it easier and harder to build in leaders and embed in organizations the ability to innovate, learn, and grow.
  • Research Data. These observations, captured in thousands of pages of transcripts, add up to a treasure trove of insights into how leaders and organizations actually behave—and how, with conscious effort, they’re capable of behaving—when the stakes are high and change unrelenting.

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