Leading Through Relationships

Leading Through Relationships

After joining New Profit Inc. in 2009, Diana launched a transformational effort aimed at building a strong platform for growth. Drawing on the ideas in The Elephant in the Room, Diana worked alongside the firm’s leaders and staff to build:

  • An organizational structure that increased learning while ensuring accountability, focused people’s roles while integrating their efforts, and empowered leaders while developing their capabilities;
  • A high-performance, high-learning culture that enabled folks to work more easily across boundaries to get things done, while experimenting with ways of doing them better and faster;
  • Relationships strong enough to handle the pressures and tensions inherent in creating, building, and sustaining a fast-growing, high-performance, high-learning culture.

In the course of 18 months, 
by leading and learning effectively through relationships, the firm’s leaders and staff succeeded in:

  • Doubling the firm’s growth
  • Recruiting and retaining stellar talent
  • Uncovering and overcoming barriers to excellence
  • Growing the firm’s impact

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