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Publications | Ideas

Publications | Ideas

Diana has published her ideas and the results of her efforts in books, chapters, papers, and articles—which together offer a new perspective on organizations and leadership. In the realm of organizations, Diana shows how relationships serve as the DNA of a firm’s culture, translating strategies and structures into the cultural realities that determine the fate of a firm. In the realm of leadership, Diana shows how the success of leaders in today’s faster, flatter world depends on the ability to understand, strengthen, and transform their most important relationships.

Books available on amazon.com include:
  • Action Science: Concepts, Methods, and Skills for Research and Intervention (1985). Diana co-authored this seminal text on intervention with Chris Argyris and Robert Putnam.
  • Divide or Conquer: How Great Teams Turn Conflict into Strength (Portfolio Penguin, 2008). This book introduces a relational approach to building effective teamwork.
  • The Elephant in the Room: How Relationships Make or Break the Success of Leaders and Organizations (Jossey Bass, 2011). Diana’s most recent book takes a relational approach to building effective leadership.
Articles, Papers, and Chapters available on this website include:
  • “Keeping a Strategic Dialogue Moving” in Corporate Communication
  • “Too Hot to Handle” co-authored with Amy Edmondson in California Management Review
  • “How to Reap the Benefits of Relationship Conflict.” Paper presented at the Academy of Management.
  • “The Muck Stops Here” and “Climbing Out of the Muck” in Peter Senge et al., The Dance of Change
  • “Putting the Relational Back in Relationships” in Systems Thinker
  • “Leading through Relationships” in MANAGEsmarter at www.training.com
  • “Relationship Matters” in Leadership Excellence
  • “The Heart of the Matter” in Directors & Boards
  • “Today’s Trojan Horse” in ChangeThis
  • “Three Keys to Unlock Better Relationships at Work” in Brazen Careerist
  • “Treat Relationships Like an Asset or They’ll Become a Liability” in Leader’s Edge
  • “Sensibilities for a Change” from Divide or Conquer
  • “The Missing Piece to Building Great Teams” in Reflections (Society of Organizational Learning)
  • “The Four Myths of Feedback” in Harvard Management Update

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